• Columbia’s newest rock band…33… was  Recently signed by TMG  (Music Group) a National Record Label.  Take an award winning songwriter, former POW and Hollywood recording artist who tested positive for steroids… Bobby Quigley, former Marine and accomplished lead guitarist and talented songwriter… Rick Wallace, hard hitting drummer and vocalist… Dave Vickery … and what do you have?  Americas newest rock sensation…”33 The band draws from a wide variety of  70’s, 80’s , 90’s influences with a  modern 2015 guitar driven sound!  Their mission is simple…change the current face of Rock Music from the “same old progressive metal” and Grunge,  to a hard driving guitar repetoire with melodic vocals that hook the listener! 33 is a MUSIC VIRUS…ONCE IN YOUR HEAD, YOU CAN’T GET IT OUT!
  • Ninety per cent (90%) of 33’s music is DANCEABLE!!!! Many music critics in the local Mid-Mo music scene, who have many years in the music business, feel this project has great potential to make it  as a National Act.

33_The bridge BQ and RW
Rick Bridge 3
Bobby Bridge 10



Getting away from the “mindless lyrics” and same old “Progressive Metal-Grunge Garage Band” music, 33 offers a fresh variety of  those same guitar driven songs, but with melodic and intelligent vocal harmonies  and a  HIGH ENERGY LIVE SHOW!  Former member of an “all girls band”, Quig joined forces with Rick Wallace and Dave Vickery  in 2015 to form 33.  The mainstay of their repetoire are the “hooks” they employ in their songs. Once heard, you cannot get them out of your head...and it’s the driving force behind this talented group of musicians. The band has currently signed with National Record Company TMG RECORDS INC Bobby Quigley, Rick Wallace and Dave Vickery are 3 insanely talented musicians on a mission says Sonny Ignacio, former assistant to Don Grierson, former VP of A&R at Capitol/EMI Records in Hollywood. The Band is currently recording their debut CD at SAWHORSE STUDIO in St. Louis with owner/engineer/producer Jason McEntire. This is a state-of-the-art recording studio, which Quig says, “rivals any major label studio in Hollywood, Nashville, LA, or New York.” The band is also scheduling a shoot for  their first video with TRAVIS



Along with this  groups’ many contacts within the industry, this is a band to keep tabs on.” Sean Michaels, KDKB Radio, Phoenix, Arizona


 Don Grierson ( former President of Capitol/EMI Records ) and current CEO of Drive Entertainment in Los Angeles says..“I have worked with Bobby in the past, and this band  is a viable song writing talent that will certainly land them a deal with a major label.  33 delivers great diversity in their repetoire, an original sound, and  can back it up with raw power driven guitar and melodic vocals live…and one helluva high energy live show!”


“Few Bands in the annuls of rock history has a brought the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s influences together and molded them into a modern 2015 sound,” says Sheldon Safran, Las Vegas Promoter.


This is a band to keep tabs on,” states KDKB DJ/VJ Sean Michaels  2014.


“Destined to be a National breakout act,” Rolling Stone 2014