Bobby Bridge 10

High Energy Live! This is FUN!


Simply known as “QUIG“—this seasoned veteran of the national music scene has rocked with the biggest names in the industry, having played with the original members of BOREALIS, PLAYGROUND X, MONTROSE, and STEPPENWOLF.  Quig has opened or  toured with VAN HALEN, JOURNEY, AC/DC, FOO FIGHTERS, BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS,  SOUNDGARDEN, and many more. His airborne  somersault on stage with  his  mini-trampoline  opening for Van Halen at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, Az  was a first in rock and roll history—while playing his guitar! Bobby was awarded First Place  at the LINCOLN CENTER for the National Endowment for the Arts Songwriters competition in 1989-90 and has recorded two Albums/Cd’s prior to this project.  Although these records met with great success, Quig states, “33 is the best project I’ve ever been involved with.  I have been writing new material for the last 10 years and I feel it is my best work so far and along with the co-writing  and input of Rick Wallace and  THE NEW MEMBERS …I feel we will be very successful in the near future.”  Many critics agree. (see press & gallery clips)