Greg Wenk-Lead Guitar

I Started playing guitar at 15. I was obsessed with playing, most days playing up to 8 hours a day. Some of my guitar influences are Ace Frehley, George Lynch, Yngwie Malmsteen, Criss Oliva, Jon Drenning and Stevie Blaze. I was a founding member of Eternal Twilight, which had a limited edition EP and full length release that was sold in the U.S. and internationally. After the groups members disbanded, I formed Veritas as a solo project.  I’m honored to have been recently asked to join with the band “33” for an upcoming  CD and live for our fans. I’m very excited for the future.

I play Ibanez Rg and Jackson soloist guitars. My amplification is Blackstar and Carvin tube amps.

Quig says, “Everybody will want to come & see Gregg Wenk shred those Ibanez and Jackson guitar solos for sure!